#248: Heifer, anyone?

For today’s awesomeness, I joined literary-stuff blogger  http://blog.nathanbransford.com/ who is pledging $1 for every comment on his blog, giving it to the charity http://www.heifer.org/. Any charity that gives people a goat* is one I like.

I’ll be giving $1 for every blog comment from this instant until Christmas Eve (up to $500, to be paid in January, when CJ and I are back to buying groceries and such again).

And I haven’t forgotten I promised to review Scott Westerfeld’s “Leviathan” and “Behemoth” YA steampunk books, either.

On Christmas Eve, I’ll be posting my sarcastic Christmas letter – with pictures this time.

And I fully intend to climb a tree this week, for “Secret Squirrel”. Wish me luck. . .

*or a cow. Or a camel. etc

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31 responses to “#248: Heifer, anyone?

  1. greggorton84

    I believe everyone deserves a goat for christmas. :)

  2. Happy to contribute this comment toward your goal!

  3. ismiselisa

    Moar goats!

  4. Ann

    Charity gifting is a wonderful thing. I saw an excellent post on another blog last week that suggested that for those people you buy gifts for that turn up their noses (be it too cheap, not what they wanted etc) – next year buy them a chicken from Oxfam. The gift that makes you feel great and yet gives them nothing at all :D

  5. Who doesn’t like goats? I’d love to have one in the back yard. Maybe he’d keep my dog out of trouble. Good on you for the charitable giving. We’ll see how it goes, eh? (I’m another fellow playing along on Nathan’s blog).

    • Louise Curtis

      Nick: No, but that was a really cool article! There’s been a major flood (natural disaster zone, but no-one hurt) in Canberra’s satelite city this month, so I’ll be avoiding storm drains.

  6. Give more goats! Wonderful that you are participating, I’m matching comments too! http://www.Audrakrell.com

  7. woo hoo!! yay for heifer!!

  8. CJ

    Commenting for goat cause. You can take the money out of my change tin.

  9. Awesome! Thanks to Nathan Bransford, I’m doing the Heifer Challenge this year again, too, donating $1 for all new blog followers OR comments till Christmas Eve: http://museinks.blogspot.com/2010/12/4-free-ways-to-be-christmas-angel.html

    Wishing you a flat-out-better-than-Awesome 2011!

  10. Mira

    Thanks for doing this – and Yay Heifer!

    Cool blog. :) Happy Holidays to you and your family. Stay warm! :)

  11. W


    I choose to only comment a little – I don’t want to break your bank too much. :P

    (Yes, I considered a commentblanket).

    • Louise Curtis

      Don’t worry about the comments W – CJ and I had already decided to give away a certain amount. Heifer just happened to happen at the right time.

  12. JoyfulA

    I tried to talk my family into getting a goat to “mow” the grass. No sale.

  13. :)

    Happy Christmahanakwaanzakah!

  14. Jeigh Meredith

    I love this! Happy Heiferdays!

  15. Woo – made it in just under the wire. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  16. Here’s my comment for charity! Go Heifer!

  17. Am I too late to comment for Heifer? Even if I am, I still think it’s great that you’re doing this!

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