Hook and Line

It says plenty that I’m still following this blog. Here is a great article on hook and title. She says that your hook is the answer to the question, “What makes your book viable and unique?” And remember that controversial is good.

If you’re like me, your hook is what makes your book interesting to YOU. Remember that first moment of joyful inspiration, when you thought you’d never thought of anything so brilliant – and make sure that flash of genius came through in the finished novel.

Titles these days are short, but they tell the reader plenty. You want to convey genre and style – fast. So do spend those hours brainstorming until you find something that works – and then accept that the publisher may change it. That’s life.

Random cat pic (and yes it’s mostly baby. Sue me):

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2 responses to “Hook and Line

  1. W

    That needs a caption: “Why does the squishy screamy one get the comfy chair? I’m not nearly as noisy and annoying, and my fur is so much cuter! Soon, I shall retake my proper place.”

    • Louise Curtis

      W: Yeah, that’s about right. Usually Ana pointedly doesn’t even look at Louisette. Maybe if she keeps it up, the noisy thing will take a hint and go away. . .

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